How to create SEO based content writing

SEO based content writing
June 4, 2019

How to create SEO based content writing

Writing a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) based content requires an art or special skills. Those Individuals who are skilled in this particular domain can create content which is engaging and appealing to search engines.A SEO content can also be called as online engagement ladder.

The final consequence of a company that follows online engagement ladder is that it will attract prospective customers very quickly. Once they will read your content out of curiosity, they will be mesmerized by reading that content and will eventually become your loyal consumers. Without doing any hard work the company which follow SEO content standards will eventually acquire higher rate of interest.

Below are essential strategies which are to be used in training the content writers. You can read them under-

Tips to create SEO friendly content writing

  1. Think before you begin-Before writing any article, first brainstorm about how you will deliver your message to your readers in a structured and eye-catching manner. Like, you should first think about an attractive introduction then in the body of your blog, use bullets to explain the points which will provide purpose to your article. At last, give conclusion to your article.
  2. Keyword Research-It is very imperative to write a blog on SEO based content writing standard. If you want to generate more and more traffic in your blog, you have to jot down some keywords for that blog and use it effectively. Hence, you have to write those keywords which will create certain amount of search volume.
  3. Optimized title tags- Before writing any blogs for your company, you have to know how to use those keywords. You can enhance some words to create catchy content so as to attract maximum number of searches in the content which you have written. Type bold subheadings and headings, try writing a content which is interactive for the readers by playing with their minds.
  4. Increase the length of the content- Ensure that your article consists of 500 words at least. Google will consider long articles only but on the other hand, it should be an interesting content. You should try to write only long articles and gradually, you will attain expertise in that. Firstly, before writing any articles, go through the other articles available on the Google so that you know the styles of those articles and most essentially, don’t forget to use key phrases and words.
  5. Use paragraphs and headings- Try to use more paragraphs to your content as it looks eye-catching and nice. Each paragraph in your article should portray the right idea and subject. Usage of heading is also essential not just for the purpose of quick scanning and understanding the structure of your article but also for SEO purposes.
  6. Organized content- The content which you have written in the blog should be organized in such a way that it makes an adequate sense. Any unorganized and illogical content will not do any good. In order to make the readers stay and read your content for a longer period of time you have to keep all these things in the mind before writing any content.
  7. Write Meta descriptions-Once you create your best draft then you have to write a Meta description of about one fifty five words. It is basically a summary of your content. It will be shown in the search results. So, make sure you use keyword in that. It is very critical for on-page SEO.
  8. Revise your content- Before posting your content on social media, do go through your content thoroughly. Check your content in various content management system software it will modify your content.
  9. Promote your content-You should advertise and promote your content by posting and sharing it on social media. Hence, it will increase the exposure of your content and naturally you can attract more and more readers. Advertise your brand on all the social media sites to increase your horizon and increase your brand image.
  10. Link usage for existing content-It is very imperative for you to always link the content which you have already written, as it will imply authority of your post. Moreover, reader might show some interest on that linked content also. Also, Google will give importance to those posts and pages when it will get to know that it has been linked to some other page. Internal linking will also create hierarchy for your site and will give your posts and pages more value than other pages. Hence, you can see that correct internal linking strategy can push your SEO to the next level.

For long term success, you should memorize these two golden rules on your fingertips which are- readers or searchers should be able to hunt your high-quality informative content and it should be an engaging one. You can go a long way if you create a strongest Search Engine Optimization based content thinking about optimal return on investment for your content. Thus, create SEO friendly content and drive more traffic to your site. Good luck!

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