How To Make Your Social Media Posts More Engaging?

August 21, 2019

How To Make Your Social Media Posts More Engaging?

Many a times, brands fail to captivate the attention of audience because they don’t use the right techniques and strategies to create their social media posts. Social media has today become the most powerful medium to promote one’s brand and you must exploit its power to the fullest. This blog discusses some of the great tips that can help you gain more eyes and engagement. Makes sure to read them all thoroughly and implement the same to get the best results.

Ideas to make social media posts more engaging

  • Make use of latest blog post- If you have posted a blog on your site, make sure to share its link on the social media. You can promote the blog on your social media platform like Facebook, Twitter etc. If the content of the blog seems to be interesting and unique then readers are likely to click through the link and give your blog a read. Your site will receive more traffic and your blog will be promoted.
  • Create a poll- Creating a poll will help the audience to engage in your post. When you will ask a question from the people, they are likely to answer and further tag their friends in that post. So, it will undoubtedly increase the reach of your post and your brand will be promoted in the least possible time. The poll will give you two options as answers and the question can be asked in the caption. You can always give it a try, as it is sure to bring you the desired results.
  • Post employee photos- How about posting the photos of your employees in the social media posts? No doubt, it will be a great idea to increase post engagement. You audience will be able to see the people behind the creation of posts and that they will be engaged more and more.   As a result of this, you will receive more likes and comments on your post.
  • Use emoticons- If you think that using emoticons should just be restricted to WhatsApp and other chatting apps, then you certainly don’t know the power of emojis. Whether you are creating a post for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you can always make use of emoticons. Emoticons will draw attention of people and will make your post interesting. Otherwise, people usually find plain posts with no emojis boring and thus, they neither like nor leave any comments under it.
  • Create ‘shoppable’ posts- When you are ready with your new products, you can exploit the social media to its best. You can use the opportunity to promote your products and make them available for purchase. Instagram has a feature of shoppable posts, which can help you to drive sales and attract the attention of more buyers.
  • High quality photos and videos- When real life images and videos come into picture, the engagement rises up. According to the social media analysis, real life images and videos tend to receive higher rate of response as compared to vector images. See, your audience wants to see the real life and are not always accepting the crafted material that you post. Try to engage more and more audience by posting photos and videos.
  • Try inspirational quotes- Have you ever tried posting an ever famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi, Warren Buffett or Maya Angelou? If not then you must give it a try now. Not every time your promotional posts are going to attract attention of people. You will have to walk an extra mile of creativity to gain more eyes. So, when you are ready to post something on your Facebook page tomorrow, make sure that it is a nice inspiring quote from a great humanitarian or maybe a celebrity with whom people can connect better.

Besides the above mentioned tips, you can also use user-generated content, share the company accomplishments, refresh and renew old content, use info-graphics and experiment more to check what works best for you.

Also, the best way is to seek guidance from professionals by hiring an experienced digital marketing Service provider. You can find out one such company by browsing through the internet and shortlist the ones that are on the top. You can then reach those companies through a call or email to inquire about the techniques they use to promote your brand on social media. The company should have innovative and new techniques to introduce your goods, promote your services and attract the attention of more audience.

Thus, it is the time to exploit the power of social media and give your business a new height. Good luck!

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