Secrets to promote your brand and drive sales through Instagram

May 15, 2019

Secrets to promote your brand and drive sales through Instagram

Would you like to expand the reach of your business? Advertise your products better and drive more traffic? Indeed, you would be. Instagram is the finest social media platform that can do magic for your business. Owned by Facebook, Instagram has today surpassed the popularity of Twitter and other social media services. With more than 600 million users, Instagram has today become a heartthrob among the people of all the generations. It simply means that if you haven’t put much attention to social media optimization and digital marketing of your business, it is the time to do it now.

Secret tips to advertise your brand on Instagram

  1. Use business Instagram account- To start promoting Instagram, you should create a business account, which anybody and everybody is allowed to follow, unlike personal account. You should focus on your aim, which is to reach to the larger audience and advertise your products and services. Of course, posting your personal pictures from the recent trip you went to would not be significant here and will not get you sales. In fact, you should try to keep your personal presence on your posts to minimal. Posting your pictures sometimes is absolutely fine but do not keep it in regular.
  2. Keep bio interesting- In the first place, you should keep the bio of your profile interesting and attractive enough to captivate the attention. Your bio should be such that it hooks the followers and convince them of your value & content. Just keep in mind that the tone should not be promotional, which means that users should not think that you are only pushing them to buy your products. If this happens then people might be reluctant to follow your page.
  3. Use consistent name and photo- Another important thing that you should keep in mind is keeping your name and photo consistent on the Instagram business account. This way, other users and your current followers will feel more connected to you. When you keep on appearing in your followers’ feed, there comes a time when they start recognizing you instantly with your profile photo. In fact, you should keep the same name and photo across all the media channels whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or any other.
  4. Include a link in bio- Instagram gives you an opportunity to lead your followers to your site, products and services through a clickable link. You can add this link to the place available under your photo and description at the top. Whichever page you want your users to land on, you can mention the link of it. The trick here is to change the link from time to time and keep on updating it with the link of the newest product or service launched. This way, you will be able to direct your customers to the right pages and increase sales.
  5. Post creative and professional photos- The biggest secret to drive more traffic to your brand is to keep the users engaged. For this, you should post creative and professional photos. You can hire a professional photographer and get all your products clicked in a creative manner. You can then post these images with attractive captions at regular intervals. You must know that a good picture is always the key to gain followers and retain the existing ones. Thus, there should be no compromise when it comes to posting the pictures on Instagram.
  6. Use Instagram filters- To improvise your pictures, you should use the editing tools of Instagram. You can find a number of in-app filters and use them to enhance the quality, brightness and add effects to your picture. Some filters like Mayfair attracts people more. Also, images with proper brightness and light tend to receive more likes when compared with images clicked in dark or dull light. For instance, you will notice that images in blue color generate more likes than the ones in red. Yes, the color blue is dominant here. Thus, you have to be smart and creative when it is about editing the pictures.

Instagram can do wonders for your brand if you know how to exploit it right. Also, you can hire a professional company offering digital marketing services, content creation services, SMO services and others. The company should have experience of years in the respective industry and should hold a record of bringing different brands on top of search engines. When you will approach one such company, the marketing experts will make you aware of all the ins and outs of different social media platforms and will guide you accordingly. Yes, the pros of Instagram will leave no stone unturned to make the best possible use of this social media service and boost your sales. Good luck!

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