Tips for a Better Web Design to Drive More Traffic

Planning to get your website designed? Looking forward to drive more traffic to your site? If yes then you are at the right page. This article talks about the power of a finely deigned website and its benefits in the longer run. Many a times, businesses overlook the importance of a unique website design and land up with zero profits. The design of the website is equally important as the content is. The way your website looks creates the first impression on the audience that can either turn into a lead or nothing.

Mentioned under are the tips that you can exploit to give a unique look to your website and captivate more attention.  Read on further-

Tips to engage more traffic through a better web design

  1. Color theme- Many websites have reported that they experienced more traffic when they changed their call-to-action button from green color to red color. The focus here is to use colors according to the taste of the audience. For instance, if your target audience is women then using blue, green and purple would be beneficial and in case of men, go with black, green and blue. Also, you must know that red and green are those colors that people with color deficiency find difficulty with. Thus, it is important to hit the right colors to attract the right audience.
  2. Video- It is true that a video of products and services attracts more customers. Some companies report an increase of conversions when they posted a video of their products on the website. Customers are always looking out to know more about the company and it’s always good to share your company’s story, mission and vision with the customers. This way, they will develop more trust in you.
  3. User-friendly- Most importantly, the site has to be user-friendly. The users must be able to browse your website without any hassles. You must ensure to use simple navigation, so that users do not have to scroll or hunt much to get to the product they are looking for. You must post the most essential information on the top of the site, to make it instantly visible.
  4. Allow short forms- Hardly any customer is interested to provide a full-fledged information on the website. Thus, you must keep it short by asking for just first name, email id and pin code. To check the response rate, you can turn off the captcha test if you are using it right now. Get an insight into the response rate without increasing your spam.  
  5. Headlines- Yes, headlines conquer your site. When customers see what they want, in bold, they are likely to turn into a lead. The entire important information of the website should be highlighted.
  6. Live chat- Customers prefer buying products and services from the company that offers live support. It is true that one tends to reach the company that offers instant solutions to the queries and is available round the clock.
  7. No clutter- Do not just make your website congested with unlimited content and graphics. It is better to keep it organized and tidy, so that it looks more appealing.No customer would want to visit the site again that is all messed up with content & products haywire. Thus, include only what is important for the customers to know.

Choosing the right web designers

It is important to choose the best web designing company in Delhi if you wish to give your site a makeover or getting it designed from the scratch. The company should have at least a decade of experience in designing the sites of different companies, about which you can enquire. In addition to this, it should have a team of skilled designers, which can understand your requirements and fulfill them. The designers should have patience to listen to all your queries and solve them in the minimum possible time. Also, you must ensure to receive the price quote in the initial phase only in order to avoid any hassles in the later phase. There should be no hidden charges and no extra costs over what you have been informed of.

To get the best picture of the digital marketing company that you are planning to hire, it is suggested to go through the customer testimonials. Reading the feedbacks of the customers who have already availed the website designing services from that company will give you a clear idea. It will assist you in taking the decision to whether or not you should hire that specific company. If everything goes well with positive testimonials then you must not give any second thoughts. Reach the website designing company and get your website designed to drive more traffic to your site. Good luck!






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