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Payment Gateway Integration

Take your online business to a next level by accepting online payments from your customers. If you are one of those business persons who is selling goods and services online then you must accept payments online so that you can attract more customers and retain them as well. But you cannot accept online payments from your customers without payment gateway integration. You need the best and authentic payment gateway integration service so that you can get smooth operation of your business without any hindrance. Having payment gateway integration on your website will simplify online transactions.

At Digital Buddiz, we are engaged in integrating best payment gateways popular among customers. We suggest names of some of the best payment gateways to choose. And we integrate the desired one at your website so that you cannot miss a single customer.

What is Payment Gateway?

Have you ever made payment by your debit or credit card at a supermarket? You have done it. There is a POS (point of sale) software and machine at the outlet where your card is swiped to collect payments directly from bank accounts. Payment Gateway is the same thing at one point. In fact, it is an online version of Point of Sale (POS). In order to make online transactions, you must have a merchant account with a feature to receive payments online from your customers.

Why Payment Gateway Integration?

If you do not have payment gateway at your website then your potential customers switch to a portal which have facilities to accept payments online. So, the role of payment gateway in online business is imperative. Payment gateway integration simplifies the process of online transactions allowing merchants to charge for their services and products. Merchants can receive payments electronically paid by customers. It is also a winsome experience for customers as they can make payments online using their credit cards, debit cards, e-wallet, or directly from their online banking account. In fact, payment gateway integration provides a quicker, safer and smarter way of making online transactions to both the merchants and the customers.

How Does Payment Gateway Work?

By having payment gateway integration at your website, you can allow your customers to make payments easily using plastic cards, e-wallets, and internet banking. At Digital Buddiz we have a dedicated team of expert professionals who are the best in integrating solutions for online transactions. Our team is fully familiar with correct payment gateway integration and their APIs.

What are the Key Advantages of Payment Gateway Integration?

There are numerous advantages of payment gateway integration on your website. Following are the key benefits you will reap with payment gateway integration.

  • You can offer 24x7 online payment facilities to your customers.
  • You can offer multi-currency payment processing facilities to your customers.
  • You can offer options to choose payment options to your customers.
  • Online transactions save you time.
  • An easy and simple way for payment collection
  • Quick and real-time transactions
  • You can sell your products/services globally
  • Convenience with withdrawal and refund of money.

Why Should You Choose Digital Buddiz for Payment Gateway Integration?

At Digital Buddiz, we have a team of experienced programmers and developers who are the best in payment gateway integration. They are familiar with integrating various payment gateways on websites. They are expert in implementing advanced features of payment gateway. They can customize as per your need. Furthermore, they can also provide you with shopping cart integration facilities.

Trust Digital Buddiz for Payment Gateway Integration Services

If you are looking for payment gateway integration services then trust Digital Buddiz. Payment gateway integration with us is easy and simple. We will provide you full support in the same. Just you need to tell us your requirements and business details so that we can provide you the custom proposal for payment gateway integration in your website.

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